Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 6/20

Apologies for my tardiness. Yesterday was full to the brim with Microsoft flip flopping on their DRM and always on policies, and my limited attention span was split between that and Sony‘s firmware patch offing consoles left and right. Enough with the tomfoolery, it’s time for some great new projects to catch the spotlight. Before we roll into three great crowdfunding projects I have to give a shout out to Mike Dietz, Ed Schofield and Doug TenNapel of Armikrog. There’s no godly reason why Armikrog shouldn’t cross the finish line, so it’s time to nut up and pledge your hearts out for Mike, Ted, and Ed. Now that Armikrog is successfully funded, we can move on. You’ll need to break out the AA’s and Halogen lamps for two of our projects, and your compass for the third, woodsmen unite!

Our Darker Purpose – Avidly Wild Games – PC

Our Darker Purpose tosses you kicking and screaming into a world with no adult supervision, it’d be a good idea to brush up on Lord of the Flies so you don’t turn out like Piggy. The Edgewood Home for Lost Children acts as a backdrop to the action heavy RPG experience. Everything has literally gone to $hit as furniture becomes possessed, children turn feral, and an assortment of terrifying creatures inhabit the orphanage. The gameplay of Our Darker Purpose is inspired by Zelda, Diablo, and The Binding of Isaac. The main character, Cordy will need to survive the perils of Edgewood as she delves further into the offices of the cruel administrative staff. Our Darker Purpose evokes the primal fear within all of us, order has vanished, and the things that go bump in the night aren’t sticking to the shadows any longer. Avidly Wild Games just started their final week of funding on Kickstarter, and they’re nearly half way home. Head on over to their project page and throw your wallet at the screen.


Frontiers – Lars Simkins – PC, MAC, Linux

Project creator Lars Simkins has an impressive portfolio of television and film projects he’s contributed to, and a deep love of gaming. His first person, open world RPG is just begging for exploration, hence the name Frontiers. Over the years games like The Elder Scrolls, Fallout, and of course MMORPG‘s have done a fantastic job of providing us with nearly endless exploration and the freedom to act as we will. Frontiers aims to expand on the open world concept and add a deeper sense of mystery and immersion to our experience. A relaxed pace and harmonic tone help distinguish Frontiers as a unique RPG experience. Frontiers’ funding is off to a blazing start, but like we all know, more money will expand on the features Lars is able to pack into the final game. Head over to Kickstarter and unleash your great outdoorsman.


Dark Matter – InterWave Studios – PC, MAC, Linux

Dark Matter is a 2.5D action Platformer (one of my favorite genres) that draws it’s inspiration from Metroid and one of my personal favorites, Shadow Complex. The 2.5D plane allows for enhanced weapon aiming, intricate puzzles, and stealth tactics to be present. Dark Matter unfolds aboard the exploration vessel The Endeavour, which has subsequently become a derelict ship after a strange anomaly occurred. The gameplay of Dark Matter relies heavily on themes of darkness and light. You’ll need your weapon mounted flashilight to peer into the darkness, but a measured approach is necessary. The Endeavour has become infested with parasitic enemies that become enraged by light. Absorb weaker enemies and upgrade your arsenal with the help of The Companion, a mysterious voice guiding you via the ships intercom network. Dark Matter offers a bit of everything in one neatly designed package. Head over to Kickstarter and help InterWave stomp out the parasite scourge!


Annnd there we have it. Your wallets are too heavy, lighten them up on some projects that offer up a savory something to the gaming industry. Don’t forget to check out my recent interview with Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood creator, Mike Dietz, and have a great weekend! See ya’ll on the flippidy flop, no not Microsoft’s policy change, I mean next week.

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