Devolver Digital And Dennaton Games Tease Hotline Miami 2


The original Hotline Miami offered up brutality at it’s top down best, and Dennaton Games promised a like amount of gore and brilliance for the sequel. Our PC reviewer, Zach gave Hotline Miami a perfect score, which was lost in a sea of like minded reviewers. The original offered blazing difficulty, smart gameplay, and no small amount of bloodletting.


Series creators Jonatan Söderström and Dennis Wedin have confirmed that Hotline Miami: Wrong Number will feature new characters, twenty levels, animal masks, oh and it’ll be the final piece in the series. It’s a surprising move, but sometimes you need to walk away while the iron is still hot. Otherwise you keep pounding and your work turns into a grotesque, shadow of it’s former glory.

Hotline Miami: Wrong Number is due on PC, MAC, and Linux before years end, and the original was originally slated for a Spring 2013 release on PS3 and PS Vita. Hopefully we’ll see it this summer.

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Dylan Zellmer

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