Sony And Microsoft First Party Next Gen Games Holding At $60 Price Tag


As we reported last week, it’s now confirmed that first party published titles will stick to the $59.99 price point. Both Playstation 4 and Xbox One exclusives will retain their current gen price. Third party publishers such as Ubisoft, Activision, Deep Silver, and Electronic Arts have yet to detail their next gen game prices. It’s likely that we’ll see that price across the board as far as software goes, or publishers will run the risk of their rate being undercut by the opposition.

President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Jack Tretton confirmed to CNBC just after the Playstation 4 reveal that game prices would range from $.99-60 on the PS4. With next gen consoles being offered at $399 (PS4) and $499 (Xbox One) respectively, it’s shaping up to be a rather affordable eighth console generation.

Did you expect a hike in software costs next gen, or were you anticipating lowered MSRP’s?

Confirmation Source: Gamespot

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  • Truth Hurts

    Also £60 people in the UK being ripped off yet again.