What Happens If Your Xbox One Live Account Is Banned?


ORIGINAL STORY – Most of the time when you hear of someone getting their Xbox Live account banned it’s for good reason, but in one off cases a mistake was made. When it comes to the next generation of Xbox Live on Microsoft‘s upcoming Xbox One console you’ll have to exercise extreme caution when online (which is always I hear). One of the new ramifications of having your account banned will be forfeiting the licenses to the games you’ve bought.

This may be an extremely harsh reality, but will it create a more user friendly online environment? I can’t count the times that I’ve seen (mods/cheating/exploits) and heard (racism, sexism, a-holeism) ban-worthy actions on Xbox Live, and for the most part, they’ve gone unchecked. The threat of losing your game library for being an obnoxious bigot may be just what the doctor ordered in terms of creating a friendly game space. There’s a good deal of children that get their hands on CoD (it’s not going to be my son, no way) and the language these kids are subjected to while playing online is perverse. I’m a firm believer of holding a parent responsible for the situations their children find themselves in, but if Microsoft can create a friendlier gaming environment by holding users financially accountable for their actions, I’d be all for it.


Many may argue that it’s not Microsoft’s place to strip you of your purchases for any reason, and there’s merit to that, but you’ve been warned. Who are they to revoke your game licenses? That’s a valid question, but here’s your answer. They’re the people you gave your money to, knowing full well the many policies and consequences that an all digital experience has tied to it. This article is to act as a PSA to all readers considering an Xbox One purchase – play well with others dammit!

UPDATE – It looks like these policies were in reference to digital content on the Xbox 360


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