Take Command Of An Intergalactic Fleet In Void Destroyer – Space Warfare


Fans of EVE Online, the RTS genre, and space sims of any kind will be right at home with Void Destroyer: Space Warfare. Paul Zakrzewski has dedicated the last four years of his life to creating the perfect RTS space sim.

Void Destroyer will offer two distinctly different flight experiences. Smaller vessels will engage each other with in-flight combat controlled via joystick or mouse for precision and manueverability, and command mode will utilize a unique set of controls and camera angles optimized for larger vessels. You can also take a step back with tactical mode. Command an entire fleet with a detailed 3-D map wherein you have the ability to issue orders, research technology, manage your fleets economy, and construct ships and bases.

There’s three main game modes being offered:

  • Instant Action – Play pre-created scenarios
  • Arena Mode – Jump right into the battle
  • Battle Editor – Create your own maps for custom battles, with full mod support

Void Destroyer offers a mixture of fast paced, frenetic confrontations with the measured, calculated approach of the RTS genre. If your a fan of roguelike’s or large scale warfare you’ll feel right at home with Void Destroyer. Check it out on Kickstarter!

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Dylan Zellmer

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