PlayStation 4 Outpacing Xbox One Pre-Orders – Sony Raises Sales Forecast


The news that the Playstation 4 has seen higher console pre-order sales than the Xbox One during and after E3 is no surprise. At this years Electronic Entertainment Expo shots were definitely fired, and the console war has now officially begun. Information has confirmed the PS4 is outpacing Xbox One pre-sales 3:2 at major retailers. These numbers reference the amount of console pre-orders from 6/10-6/12. Meaning Sony’s E3 media briefing had a strong influence on consumers, some of which may have been swayed after spectating the opposing press conferences. Microsoft and Sony have taken a decidedly different stance on the way they’ll offer media to gamers and, in Microsoft’s case, a much wider casual audience. That’s not to say Sony wouldn’t love to capture said demographic, they’ve simply taken a more precise marketing approach to the Playstation 4. This indicates Sony may have learned from past mistakes, and has adapted to offer gamers products and policies that better resonate with them. For example:


In light of a more competitive price and seemingly pro-gamer policies Sony has adjusted it’s sales forecast for the PS4:

Sony Corp is raising internal sales projections for the forthcoming PlayStation 4 videogame console amid positive signs about demand for the device,”

SCE CEO Andrew House did issue a small warning to consumers that unfortunately:

 “demand may well outstrip supply.”

Gamestop has also reinforced this sentiment after seeing initial figures. Have you already pre-ordered a PS4? How about and Xbox One? Are you still on the fence? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Contra-rian

    I don’t see a compelling holiday launch line-up. Microsoft has a slightly more appealing line-up albiet at a greater cost. But, when it comes down to it, are people going to want the console that is cheaper without the games they want to play or do they want a more varied selection of titles up front. I foresee Xbox One winning between the two new consoles with the Wii-U stealing the holiday for a win.

  • Matt

    I, think you must be high Contra, microsoft does not have a better line up. The only diffrence is microsoft has dead rising 3, but the fact that microsoft are acting like idiots. There is no way xbox one will sell better, ahhhhhhh xbox one.

    • Contra-rian

      Don’t forget:
      Kinect Sports Rivals, Killer Instinct (Free-to-play), Forza Motorsport 5, Project Spark (Better on ONE), and Ryse: Son of Rome.

      I’m not really interested in any of those games. But it looks to me as though they have got the mixture of genres and something for everyone come launch season.

  • Rain

    Pre paid my PS4 on the 11th.
    Too many issues with xbox, too many to list here. And Niether system has a really stellar launch on 1st party games. But Battlefield 4 and Watch dogs are on both. I do think Sony has a better system and some really cool games coming out

    • Na8thgr8

      watch dog is a ps4 only game

  • therealmamucas

    Matter of the fact is:
    1. A lot of xbox gamers felt disappointed and betrayed by MS including myself and are switching teams.
    2. PS4 has better hardware
    3. $100 dlls cheaper
    4. You actually own the games and can share them infinite amount of times without permission.
    5. If I want to play offline I can with PS4 no need to be under a dictatorship to enjoy MY SYSTEM.
    6. Backwards compatible with great games from the past no extra fees to be able to play them.
    7. When PS4 outsells xbox like 25 to 1 who do you think the big companies will start making the games for?
    8. xbox has a track record of leaving you hanging once they move on, I’ve been an xbox player for 14yrs. I know
    9. If you ever want to get credit back for a game you don’t play anymore you will have to find the right retailer to be able to get credit for it and PRAY that the company ALLOWS YOU to trade it.
    10. Seriously do I need to keep on pointing everything that’s wrong with xbox? =)

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