Microsoft Lackadaisically Suggests Some Consumers Stick With Their Xbox 360


Spike has been named this years official E3 coverage provider, so when GTTV host Geoff Keighley questioned Microsoft’s front man, Don Mattrick about the Xbox One‘s online requirements it seemed a normal occurrence. He inquired what a consumer should do if they don’t have connectivity, to which Mattrick replied,

Fortunately we have a product for people who aren’t able to get some form of connectivity: it’s called Xbox 360

To which Keighley replied, “So stick with the 360, that’s your message if you don’t like it?”, and a comedy of errors ensued. Mattrick once again blundered on a response,

Well if you have zero access to the Internet,” says Mattrick, “that is an offline device.

He then proceeds to make an over generalized statement that the only gamers out there that don’t have use for an always online system are on a nuclear sub. I’m not sure how many more nails the Microsoft executive team will attempt to plunge into their quickly closing coffin, but I’m always interested to see. The full interview can be found below.



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