Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 6/12

Here we are, E3 2013 is off and running, but we’re taking a bit of time off the information overload to point out some great Kickstarter crowdfunding opportunities. This week we have two distinctly different games that speak to the child in all of us. The first one is covered in ectoplasm and the second invokes fond memories of stars and foxes. Money showers should probably fall on both of these projects, because let’s face it, they rock.

Ghost Control – Application Systems London – London, UK – PC, MAC, Linux

Who ya gunna call….Ghost Control? The theme song doesn’t work as well as I’d anticipated, but Application Systems London have created a ghost busting TBS simulation wherein you assemble your own team of skilled phantom catchers. One of the key features of Ghost Control will be effectively herding ghosts into a no escape situation and sucking them up for safe disposal. The game will undoubtedly burst at the seams with satire and references to Vinz Clortho. You’ll even have to compete with other ghost hunting outfits for business. Ghost Control will have your team traveling throughout London catching spooks wherever they decide to pop up, but you have to keep the collateral damage to a minimum if you want to walk away with any cash. Ivan Reitman would be proud! Check out Ghost Control on Kickstarter.

GoD Factory: Wingmen – Nine Dots Studio – Quebec, Canada – PC

The Nintendo 64 was the console that changed my perspective on gaming forever. The gaming bar was raised to new heights as far as the scale and gameplay. One of my favorite titles from that era was Starfox 64. I’d never been a fan of flight simulators, but I did enjoy a little thing called Star Wars. GoD Factory: Wingmen offers 4 v 4 multiplayer intergalactic dogfights on a grand scale. Your cruiser is fully customized with the features that compliment your strategy. The addition of having to destroy your opponents space carrier adds plenty of depth to combat. Taking out the enemies radar module on their carrier will hinder your oppositions ability to locate you during engagements, thus giving you a decided advantage. Pilot your ship from third or first person perspective – with possible Oculus Rift support! Nine Dot hopes to have GoD Factory ready to launch alongside the 3D peripheral. Check out GoD Factory: Wingmen on Kickstarter!


There you have it! Two great projects with distinctly different flavors. If it’s poltergeist hunting, or joystick manipulation that bobs your apple – your in luck. GoD Factory snags our top pick this week by a nose, but don’t count out the apparition snaring goodness that is Ghost Catchers. Well folks, that’ll do it for another Kickstarter Spotlight. You never know, some of these indie projects could even find their way to the PS4 in the coming years..See ya on the flippidy flop!

Do you have, or know of a current project that you’d like us to cover?

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