Sony Will Require A PlayStation Plus Subscription For Multiplayer On PS4


Sony‘s day one E3 press conference ended with a bang. The announcement that the Playstation 4 would not restrict the used games or enforce any type of online authentication arguably stole the show.


After the show additional product inquiries were sent to Sony. One of which questioned the nature of the PSN’s online multiplayer function, and if it would require any type of subscription, to which Sony replied, “Yes, I can confirm that you must subscribe to PS Plus for multiplayer

The cost is likely to ensure a strong server infrastructure for online gameplay, but it is a change from the current PS3 policy that may draw the ire of some fans. However, there’s still no paywall to utilize features like Netflix and the host of new apps coming to both the PS3 and PS4.

UPDATE: It’s also worth mentioning that the Playstation 4 launch title Driveclub will be available to all PS+ members in the Instant Game Library.

More news when it becomes available.

Source: Game Informer


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