Ryse: Son of Rome No Longer Better With Kinect?


Crytek unveiled a lengthy demo for Ryse: Son of Rome during the Xbox One portion of Microsoft’s press conference. I was jarred from the get go, last I heard Ryse was a Kinect title. From what I’d seen early on, Ryse: Son of Rome seemed to be a third (not first) person perspective with a heavy emphasis on QTE (quick time event) based combat.


The demo shown highlighted authentic Roman vessels, armor, weapons, and battle formations. As General Marius Titus you’ll command numerous infantry assaults on differing enemies. Upgraded graphics were apparent from the offset, and battles unfolded similar to Zack Snyder’s 300.

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Ryse: Son of Rome has been retooled and, by all initial impressions done away with Kinect functionality. It’s set to release as a launch title alongside the Xbox One.

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Dylan Zellmer

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