Capcom Releasing Dead Rising 3 Exclusively For Xbox One


Capcom revealed Dead Rising 3 during Microsoft‘s day one E3 briefing, and I have to say it looks to be one of the more impressive Xbox One exclusives. The series picks up in the eyes of a new protagonist, Nick Ramos (a mechanic judging by his uniform). Dead Rising 3’s gameplay demo featured stunning graphics, no load times, and an insanely open world to explore. Series staples like insanely large zombie hordes, ridiculous weapon crafting, and gore – lots of gore return.


The gamplay demo picked up 72 hours post outbreak in Los Perdidos as Nick struggles to survive the zombie scourge. Vehicles can easily be weighed down by a mob of undead and rendered useless. Features like run and gun, SmartGlass supported artillery strikes, and distraction items like flares will be used to carve your way through the post apocalyptic wasteland.

Dead Rising 3 is coming exclusively to Xbox One at launch this holiday season. We’ll update when more information is available.

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Dylan Zellmer

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