Xbox One Retail Price And Release Window Revealed


Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft has a single price point for it’s Xbox One console. New features were announced and detailed for the 3rd generation Xbox, as well as the retail price. $499 will net you an Xbox One console this coming holiday (November). No word yet on Sony’s Playstation 4 price, but it looks like Michael Pachter’s BOM estimates were a bit low (surprised?). The ticket for admission seems a bit high considering what’s under the hood, but the R&D put into the extended features of the console must have been astronomical. Here’s some new features that MS detailed during the presentation:

  • SmartGlass will be native to the Xbox One creating a new user experience. Use SmartGlass to set up MP matches while in session, check statistics, and compare games with friends.
  • A new built-in game DVR called Upload Studio is available for your highlight building pleasure. This feature was demo’d in parity with the newly announced Killer Instinct for Xbox One. The ability to record commentary with Kinect and template/skin your video was shown.
  • Twitch functionality will be built into Xbox One to offer live streaming capabilities.
  • The move away from MS points to real currency was reiterated.
  • Your Xbox Live friends list will no longer be constrained to 100 friends.


Tons of functionality has been added to the Xbox One to cast a larger net. The previously detailed Live TV functions are now joined by a host of new content. What do you think about the MSRP on this bad boy? Will the Xbox One be worth the price tag after seeing MS’s presentation?

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Dylan Zellmer

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