Feature – Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned on Kickstarter


The easiest way to describe Benjamin Radford’s Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned table top game is as follows – Zombies vs Zampires vs Humans vs Werewolves all in a Risk style strategy game. Each faction has assigned abilities, strengths, and weaknesses to keep in mind while on your bloody campaign to dominate Europe. Radford chose Europe as the backdrop for this undead struggle for many reasons. Not only is Europe the origin for many of the monsters in his game, but it’s also the nexus of humanity’s largest historical conflicts.

The game will feature a fully colorized map of Europe, high quality 54mm miniatures depicting the factions, four player information cards that detail factions and lore, four customized action decks for each group, an event deck that progressively challenges players at the end of each round, a custom 10 sided die, and more.


If your not familiar with Benjamin Radford he’s the deputy editor of Skeptical Inquirer. His passion is taking a heavily scientific approach to paranormal investigation. His experience in the paranormal has helped him create Undead Apocalypse.

If you’re a fan of table tops of any kind, or even a fan of the many varieties of the undead, check out Undead Apocalypse: War of the Damned on Kickstarter.

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