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Microsoft will take the E3 stage a bit later this morning, and it may very well be the most important briefing in the companies history at the trade show. The Xbox One reveal happened just twenty days ago, but it feels like an eternity of confusion and misinformation has followed. Several days ago Microsoft took to their FAQ’s section to explain their policies on used games, connectivity, and the Kinect on the Xbox One. Said explanations have inspired mixed reactions from gamers, developers, and publishers alike. What’s important to note is that, hopefully, all of the ugliness is behind MS rolling into E3. It was a smart move on their part to address the concerns of the Xbox One prior to taking center stage. They have a real opportunity to wipe away any criticism by delivering a fantastic E3 presentation. The key to the presentation relies almost completely on software. Microsoft needs to show gamers what will be available on the Xbox One at launch as far as games are concerned. They’ve already talked about the many apps that will accompany their next console, so now it’s time to deliver precisely what the gaming community wants to hear this afternoon.

Check back RIGHT HERE IN THIS ARTICLE (*bookmark*) later today at 9:30am PST/11:30am CST/ 12:30pm EST for Microsoft’s E3 briefing live!

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