Report: Microsoft Has Cancelled It’s Post E3 Media Roundtable



Troubling news that Microsoft has axed the press Q&A portion of their E3 schedule comes via Steve Tilley (Toronto Sun) on his Twitter account. Now this may be less nefarious than it sounds, but after the post Xbox One fiasco, Microsoft may want to keep certain media outlets at arms reach.


There’s been no mention of an event to take the usual Q&A sessions place, but this could come down to the scheduled presenters being needed elsewhere. This announcement effectively puts even more weight on Microsoft’s on stage performance. If there’s no clarification given to certain features and hot button issues after the live briefing, then the E3 presser has to act as the end all be all information hub for the Xbox One product launch. Which is particularly worrisome after the Xbox One reveal. Microsoft will have to clearly and definitively detail issues such as the used game situation and DRM, or they risk losing a large portion of the hardcore gaming audience.

During the Xbox One reveal MS chose to skirt the issues completely, and didn’t provide consistent answers to press inquiries following the presentation, which lead to a PR nightmare that’s still in the minds of fans.

If there’s a new event scheduled in place of the Q&A we’ll update this post, otherwise plan on hearing all the details of Microsoft’s Xbox One console on stage at E3.

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