Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To 6/5

It’s time to take a break from all the E3 rumblings, oh and State of Decay to bring you more crowdfunding projects to get excited about. This week we have two unique projects from the world of Kickstarter to talk about. One is a stop-motion claymation affair, and the other is an electrifying 2D platformer. Alright – let’s get to it.

Armikrog – Pencil Test Studios – Lake Forest, CA

Armikrog is a stop-motion clay and puppet animated adventure game. It’s being touted as the ‘spiritual successor’ to The Neverhood. Mike Dietz helped create both the original Earthworm Jim series and The Neverhood along with Ed Schofeld – together they’ve created Pencil Test Studios. Pencil Test will collaborate with Doug TenNapel to bring Armikrog to life. The story follows a space explorer named Tommynaut as he crash lands on a strange alien planet and is subsequently sealed away within the impenetrable fortress known as Armikrog. Head over to Kickstarter to check out this infinitely fun project.

Armikrog. -- Kicktraq Mini
Tesla Breaks the World! – Archetype Global – Fort Worth, TX

Tesla Breaks the World! is a 2D platformer with some very interesting elements. The projects creators, Archetype Global have decided to include the Tesla v Edison fued, which makes things all the more nefarious, as well as hilarious. The visual direction of TBTW is based off hand drawn artwork that evokes a very abstract feel. The platforming and puzzle gameplay look to employ a simplistic, intuitive design. I absolutely love the fact that if you’re inefficient at solving the games’ riddles you’ll be penalized with zombies – you can’t make this stuff up! wait…? Environments and puzzles are randomly generated, which adds a good amount of replay value. The gadgets and gizmos are inspired (mostly) from Nikola Tesla’s actual inventions, and seem to have applicable value as well. The team is deep in development, and based on today’s Kickstarter funding goals, only need a small sum to make this ingenious game possible. Check out the teams Kickstarter page for more info.

Tesla Breaks the World! -- Kicktraq Mini
That’ll do er’ for another week here in our Kickstarter spotlight. We have to give Armikrog our top pick this week due to it’s claymationy goodness. In other Kickstarter news, Massive Chalice raises three gillion dollars is less than a week. See ya’ll on the flippidy flop!

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