New Details And Trailer For Murdered: Soul Suspect

Murdered Soul Suspect

We didn’t know much about the plot of Murdered: Soul Suspect up until this point, but this new trailer from Square Enix France should help fill in some details.

Playing as the bullet ridden detective Ronan O’ Connor you’ll attempt to solve the mystery of your own murder. After O’ Connor’s untimely death he’s stuck in a dimension called ‘Dusk‘ (a limbo of sorts), that is until he’s able to bring his murderer to justice and finally move on.

Using his newly granted supernatural powers, he’ll have to investigate his checkered past and put together the pieces of his own slaying. The town of Salem, Massachusetts and it’s cast of living and deceased inhabitants hold the keys to the mystery. Ronan has the ability to read and influence the minds of those living and assist them in solving the case.

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