Rumor: Bethesda Mandates Prey 2 Development To Arkane


The development hell of Prey 2 knows no bounds, and this time Bethesda has shoved the IP at a new studio (and told them to scrap all previous work). Arkane (Dishonored) will be building Prey 2 from the ground up after Bethesda severed ties with Human Head (Prey). Reports suggest that the team at Arkane Austin is none too happy about this project being mandated to them, but the higher ups at the studio have attempted to curb morale issues by telling the devs to consider this a spiritual successor to System Shock (the game that inspired Bioshock).

At this point, if these and other reports are factual, Prey 2 has been in development at Human Head, Obsidian (Alpha Protocol), and now moving over to Arkane. Obsidian has recently entered into an agreement with to create an MMO, so that may have conflicted with Prey 2’s development.

This begs a couple less than pressing, but interesting none the less, questions. First of all, why? Why work this hard on an IP that doesn’t bolster the brand power of Arkane’s most recent project Dishonored? Bethesda has also stated recently that it plans on further installments in the Dishonored franchise, so is development of a sequel now on hold? It’s known that Arkane has two separate studios, one in Austin, the other in Lyon. The anonymous tipster that provided Kotaku (surprise!) with the rumor suggests that the two studios will be developing separate games, so the fact that Dishonored co-writer, Raphael Colantonio recently moved to Lyon could mean that a sequel is in development at that location.

Either way it’s possible that Bethesda is simply looking to save face after acquiring the rights to Prey from Take Two Interactive in 2009. A 2016 release window has been suggested for Prey 2.

Again this is all unconfimred, yada, yada, yada. Do you think Arkane would be a good fit for the Prey universe?

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