Game Trailers TV Host Goeff Keighley Is Looking Forward To E3

E3 2013 Logo

In a Twitter post, Geoff Keighly (GTTV) mentioned that E3 will likely have, “lots of games and surprises“, and “both the Xbox and PS4 press confs will be the strongest in years.” This is based on the buzz the long time journalist has been hearing leading up to the expo in LA. It’s not surprising that Keighley would have a bit of an inside track on the topic, as it’s been confirmed that Spike will be the official broadcast partner of the E3 expo.


It’d be hard to argue that 2013’s E3 trade show won’t be one of the largest in the yearly conventions’ history. Both Microsoft and Sony will be looking to win over the hearts of fans, and the minds of potential investors. Meanwhile, Nintendo will be meeting with investors behind closed doors and utilizing it’s Direct service to manage it’s presentation.

It will be interesting to hear what Sony and MS have to say about the DRM and used game fiasco that’s been perpetuated since the Xbox One reveal.

What do you think this years E3 will have in store? New IP’s heading to next gen?

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Dylan Zellmer

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  • Kweezinart

    How about a game console I can use to watch TV? Oh wait they already talked about that. In that case, nothing will top that feature at E3 so I don’t even care to watch..

  • Canan Fodder

    Games, games, and more games! I want to see some indies come out in support of the PS4, maybe someone like Obsidian with a relatively large Kickstarter funded project that could come to PS4.

    • It would be amazing if some of the Kickstarter games came to the PS4, it’s looking like they’re really embracing the indie, so it’s possible. I want Divinity: Original Sin, Project Eternity, Wasteland 2, and plenty others without having to spend the money on a PC gaming rig.