Double Fine Launches Kickstarter For Massive Chalice



Double Fine, the creators of one of the most funded Kickstarter campaigns in the history of the popular crowdfunding platform have unveiled their newest project – Massive Chalice.

Whether it’s their previous interactions with Kickstarter, or their high profile game portfolio, at the time of this writing Double Fine has amassed over 120k of their targeted 725k goal since launch.

Massive Chalice finds it’s concept somewhere between Final Fantasy Tactics, Xcom, and Total War for it’s Turn Based Strategy focus and evolving multi-generational kingdom management.

As an immortal king you’ll have to secure your bloodline through marriage and character progression. The threat of permadeath looms above all family members, and you’ll need to gauge the risk v reward when determining the right individual to undertake quests and defend your realm. One interesting caveat here pertains to character death. When a family member dies they leave behind an heirloom that only someone within their specific family tree may wield, thus granting them attributes of their deceased brethren.

Double Fine is aiming for replayability as your bloodline is randomly generated at the outset. Your knowledge and skills roll over into new campaigns, but the decisions you’ve made will alter each game in a specific way.

We’ll have more on Massive Chalice as our coverage ramps up. Why not stop by their Kickstarter page and take a look?

Double Fine's MASSIVE CHALICE -- Kicktraq Mini

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  • Vislade

    Actually it was $400,070 In one day thank you

    • Come on now, the article clearly states ‘at the time of this writing.’ Article was published yesterday at 1:30pm CST.