Tinykeep Kickstarter Hits The Home Stretch With The Goal Line In Sight


Phi Dinh’s Kickstarter for his roguelike dungeon crawler Tinykeep has seen a large jump in funding the past 48 hours, and it’s for good reason. The developer has been more than open with his methods of random dungeon generation and AI creation.

Here’s an example of the AI at work:

We’ve covered Tinykeep since it first launched on Kickstarter and we’re happy that Phi is likely looking at taking the checkered flag. He was nice enough to take some time out of his crowdfunding schedule for an interview and Tinykeep has been featured more than once here at iGame Responsibly. Here’s hoping that Tinykeep makes it’s funding goal in it’s last 37 hours. To quote myself in our most recent Kickstarter Spotlight, “What the F*#$ are you doing!? Fund this game!” and I stand by that. Head over to Kickstarter and help Phi reach his goal.

TinyKeep -- Kicktraq Mini

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