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Welcome back for another Wednesday full of creative projects to help fund. This is our eleventh edition of the Kickstarter Spotlight, and we’re hyper focused on this one. Just two projects comprise the docket this week. These two campaigns are coming along nicely, one of which has already secured it’s initial funding goal. Two distinctly different genres of games are represented in the spotlight this week. One gives you the freedom to roam a giant sandbox world in the first person, and the other begs the question – Ever wondered what goes on inside the light bulb illuminated mind of a zombie? Without further typing, let’s begin!

Ray’s The Dead – Ragtag Studio, Chicago, IL – PC, MAC, Linux


Ray’s The Dead is a Pikmin inspired RTS game that puts you in control of Ray, a recently reanimated zombie. Ray features an enormous light bulb protruding from his cranium that’s used to control hordes of zombie minions. The game is set in the 80’s and has you causing a ruckus in a retro suburban neighborhood. The concept of actually controlling a zombie has our wallets leaping out of their respective pockets. The story will have you piecing together the story of how Ray ended up six feet under, and why the hell he has a giant light bulb embedded in his noggin. The team at Ragtag has built in all kinds of ways to cause mayhem with your personal zombie legion at your command. The group has spent an inexorbinate amount of time thinking about the various tactics they’d employ to get at your brain stuffs, and have crammed said maneuvers into Ray’s The Dead. They’re worth checking out over on Kickstarter, especially if you still have a brain to think with.

Ray's The Dead -- Kicktraq Mini

TUG – Nerd Kingdom – Redondo Beach, CA – PC

Nerd Kingdom has already crossed the goal line with TUG, but I can’t seem to say enough about this procedurally-generated sandbox RPG. The team has impressive Alpha footage backing their beautiful concept art. TUG’s inspiration comes from easily approachable games like Minecraft, Fable, and Zelda. Which, if compiled in a Frankenstein like fashion would basically deliver TUG without deviation. Tons of usable features are carefully packed into TUG including full mod support, day/night/seasonal cycles, exotic beasts, and entire civilizations to unearth. Head over to Kickstarter to offer TUG some support in reaching their stretch goals.

TUG -- Kicktraq Mini

Told you we we’re focused! Two projects with decidedly different flavors for you consideration. I literally can’t get over the possibilities of either of these games, but the originality of Ray’s the Dead makes it my top pick of this week. That’ll do it for this weeks Kickstarter Spotlight folks. Support crowdfunding! See ya on the flippidy flop.

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