Closed – iGR Raptr Promo – Free $25 Planetside 2 In-Game Credit

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UPDATE: A winner has been chosen! Congratulations to d4rkdr4g0nz!

Greetings Raptr! We’ve been quietly canvassing the area and gathering necessary intel. Now we’re ready to hit the community with a big promotion. We know that Planetside 2 is a massive online shooter, and that there’s a huge community here at Raptr. We have one $25 in-game credit to give away, and it couldn’t be simpler to enter into the contest.

We need to grow our Raptr community, so by joining the community you’ll be entered into the contest. We’re also growing our Facebook community, so “Liking” our fan page will net you extra weight in the contest.

Raptr Page:

Facebook Page:

Here’s the deal…this contest will be limited to Raptr folks only, so you can subtract those 300+ people that already “Like” us on Facebook. If you join the Raptr community you’ll have a weight of “1” meaning you have one entry into the contest. If you join the Raptr community AND “Like” our fan page on Facebook you’ll have a weight of “2” for the contest, so basically two entries instead of one. If you do “Like” our Facebook page in addition to joining the Raptr community please make sure you drop us a message on the Facebook page so we know to give you what equates to two entries. It’s a great idea to join the Facebook page as we have monthly giveaways for the community there as well.

This contest will run until June 5th. From there we’ll use randompicker to choose our winner. As always if anyone has any questions drop us a line at and we’ll happily answer them for you, or you can ask them right on Raptr, so the whole community can see the Q&A. Good luck!

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