Sony Is Hearing From It’s Fans First Hand On Twitter

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NeoGAF is one of the largest and oldest video game forums still in existence on the internet. It’s user base is comprised of passionate, vocal gamers. This time the community is reaching out to Sony in force to let them know their stance on the topics that will shape next gen gaming. Microsoft has by and large dropped the ball in concisely answering press inquiries post reveal of the Xbox One.

In the past week Twitter has lit up with next gencentric hash tags like #PS4NoDRM and #PS4USEDGAMES with the intention of letting Sony know where the lions share of gamers stand on the issues that will affect consumer ownership in the eighth console generation.

In some cases Sony execs have even answered tweets with said hash tags. However, the replies are more about acknowledging the passion of Sony’s fans and less a direct response to the topics being addressed by fans. Regardless of the response, Sony finds itself in an advantageous position just two weeks removed from their E3 briefing. Hopefully both Sony and MS bring their big guns to the LA Convention Center.


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Dylan Zellmer

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  • SylvesterFace

    Dude, NeoGAF is a cesspool for people that don’t give 75% of games the time of day. In my experience the community is full of cheap asses that don’t buy anything unless it’s twenty bucks or six months old. Who cares what they think?

    • Brad

      “Cheap asses”

      You son of a taint, who do you think you are, insulting people who actually buy video games? Be happy those folks aren’t torrenting the games that (most likely) cost $5 a disk to develop and create.

  • HiroWership

    The vocal minority will make zero impact on Sony’s choices. Those decisions were made long ago.