The Book of Unwritten Tales PC Review


After checking out Battle Worlds: Kronos on Kickstarter, and liking what I saw,  I decided  to find out more about King Art Games, and what other kinds of games they have under their belt. The fact that The Book of Unwritten Tales is sitting at a Metacritic score of 82 as well as gaining the title of “best adventure of the year” in 2009, I just had to play it and see for myself if it was really all that it was chalked up to be.

In a world plagued by a war that just won’t end, the gremlin archaeologist Mortimer MacGuffin finds what may possibly be the game changer for the Alliance to win the war. But before he can relay this information to the Arch Mage he’s kidnapped by the orc mage Munkus, who’s mother is the leader of the enemy force known as the Army of the Shadows. While MacGuffin is being abducted and subjected to an obligatory dragon ride, one of our heroes or heroine I should say, Ivo, hitches a ride to attempt a daring rescue and that’s where the crazy adventure begins.

There are four unlikely heroes that to choose from in The Book of Unwritten tales. Ivo, a wood elf princess as well as Wilbur Weathervane, a gnome who wishes to be a hero and longs for  adventure, Captain Nate, a buccaneer with a penchant for treasure hunting and last but not least Nate’s companion Critter, a strange creature who follows Nate around. What I like about each character is that they’re all novices with no real experience as heroes, but they come together to do things that are greater than themselves despite all the danger.

The Book of Unwritten Tales storyline is one of the funniest things I have encountered in a long time. There are allusions to some fantasy genres in this game and for those who can spot them will get a good laugh from it. For example when Wilbur enters the human town to talk to the Arch Mage you can choose to go by the name of Underhill, which is from The Lord of the Rings, and there is also an MMO that a few people play named World of Businesscraft where instead of playing as wizards and warriors they play as white collar workers.

Gameplay is easy and simple, it’s point and click where you gather and combine items to get past your obstacles to advance to the next chapter. Sometimes some items are small but while holding down the spacebar a hint system shows all of the containers you’re able to search, so you won’t go crazy trying to look for things.

The story is well put together and the supporting cast of characters are some of the most odd and witty ones that I’ve seen. Point and click adventures rely mostly on a good storyline to hook the audience and I was glad to see that The Book of Unwritten Tales was able to pull through with that.

+Funny storyline
+Witty and interesting Main and supporting characters
+Detailed graphics and background