Dead Island Developer Techland Reveals Dying Light


Admittedly we’re a bit taken aback by Techland and Warner Bros. Interactive’s Dying Light. It seems that the Dead Island developer has taken it’s tropical setting, melee heavy combat, and weapon crafting talents over to WB for a strikingly similar zombie survival experience.

Game Informer pointed this out during recent hands off demo of the game at a pre E3 event. Techland was quick to point out the additions they’ve made to the Dead Island formula. Blazej Krakowiak, Techland’s Brand Manager, points to free running and a persistent day/night cycle. This type of time management was made popular with Minecraft and Terraria as of late. You’ll be hunting down supplies and weapons during the day, and staving off hordes of undead when the sun sets. Krakowiak also points to the depth the zombie genre has already exhibited with games like Telltale’s The Walking Dead, and that there’s still room for exploration.

The aforementioned hands off demos mission was said to be an organic event that will happen throughout Dying Light. We’re not sure if this means we’ll be behind the arms of a large cast of characters with different circumstances that have befallen them, or not. During the demo the protagonist is bitten by one of the lurking undead, and the dev in charge of the preview made it clear that the character was already infected. If we’re given this type of character selection and depth, Dying Light may be hard to ignore. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more about the title at E3.

What do you think? Carbon copy? Or have the differences outlined have you interested?

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