Xbox One Live TV Entertainment Feature Detailed


During the Xbox One reveal Microsoft focused their energy on showing all the bells and whistles the “Ultimate all in one entertainment system” will feature. One of the main efforts is with the Live TV feature. Microsoft doesn’t ever want you to turn their console off, and that may be where the “always on, always ready” saying came from. The Xbox One console will seamlessly connect your television, gaming, music, and marketplace experience. It’s likely that “connected” devices will need to utilize HDMI inputs in order for the Xbox One to control them. My LG television already has this feature built in, anything that’s connected via HDMI can be controlled with the wand remote that came with the television. Inputs aren’t the only thing ┬ácontrolled with the Xbox One. A long list of features aim to make the Xbox One the go to device for your living room:

  • The console remembers your recent activity
  • The trending area keeps track of what’s popular among friends and the Xbox Live community
  • “Grab” and “Pinch” gestures take the media your viewing to full screen back down again
  • The “Snap” feature allows you to continue viewing media while using Internet Explorer or other software
  • Use your TV providers content guide and change channels using the Kinect 2.0
  • NFL partnership to include exclusive content like fantasy league support via Smartglass and ESPN

These features are fantastic for viewing and transitioning between media seamlessly. In an entertainment sense the Kinect 2.0 paired with the next generation of Microsoft’s live tiles look to be adding real innovation to the Xbox One.

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Dylan Zellmer

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