The Accessories Of The Xbox One Console

During the Xbox One reveal we were privy to some great looks at the revamped controller and Kinect 2.0 sensor that will accompany the console upon it’s release. The Kinect sensor will be playing an integral part in Microsoft’s new console. It will act as a means of controlling the different components that share your TV’s inputs. During the reveal the Kinect was shown seamlessly transitioning between the Xbox One dashboard, live TV, media accessed via the dashboard, and more. Curiously no games utilizing Kinect were shown. It seems that the rumors are also true that the Xbox One won’t function without the Kinect attached. In a poorly worded statement, Microsoft’s UK Marketing Manager, Henry Eagle stated, “Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes.” The second generation motion sensor will boast a 1080p RGB camera, 30 FPS color tracking, TOF (Time of Flight) technology, and enhance microphone arrays. Get a good look at the updated peripheral here:



I found the updated controller that will ship with the Xbox One much more impressive than the aforementioned sensor. The newly designed controller features a more ergonomic casing, updated D-Pad, and precision tuned concave dual movement sticks. Check out some great looks at the controller:

Don’t forget to check out the Xbox One’s tech specs, games list, and Live TV features before you head to bed!

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