NBA Live To Bounce Back On Next Generation Consoles

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Electronic Arts is known for securing exclusive rights to properties and monopolizing sports simulations. The NBA license has proven to be a moving target for the sports sim giant. Take Two Interactive has successfully stolen the spotlight in terms of the NBA in video games with their 2K series (which happens to be Take Two’s highest grossing sports game). EA hasn’t released a title in their NBA Live series since 2010. Development on NBA Live 13 was brought to a halt and the title never saw the light of day, but it seems the series still has life.

EA’s Blake Jorgensen mentioned NBA Live in a list of upcoming games stating the next installment, “will come out on Gen 4” which is the industry term for the 4th generation of 3D gaming. NBA Live 14 is slated for release later this year. The unannounced title may include an Ultimate Team Mode.

More news as it becomes available. What’s your basketball sim of choice?

Source: Polygon

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