Call of Duty: Ghosts Detailed DLC Coming First To Xbox One


Activision and Infinity Ward took to the stage and revealed Call of Duty: Ghosts proper during the Xbox One reveal. There’s a slew of new features that will be coming to the next generation of Call of Duty. New features include:

  • Lean/Cover system
  • Slide
  • Mantle has been reworked to offer real weight to full speed environment interactions
  • Dynamic multiplayer maps will feature natural occurring events like earthquakes

A new narrative will strive to foster a deeper care for the protagonists. It will focus on a team of military professionals from all walks of life fighting against insurmountable odds.

As mentioned all DLC will continue to launch first on Xbox One. No exclusivity window was given. An in game trailer was shown using “in engine” assets at the very end of the presentation, but it’s not available for publication as of yet. More news as it becomes available.

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Dylan Zellmer

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