Madden 25’s Connected Franchise Mode Detailed


Over the years Madden has tried everything from “franchise mode” that was introduced in 1998, to online team play, and connected careers to keep players coming back. Now the team at EA is taking it a step further and (re)introducing Connected Franchise mode (owners mode). This “new” form of career mode will put you into the shoes of an NFL owner. Giving you the ability to do everything from scout, draft, and trader players as well as improving your teams stadium from the parking lot (better pre-gaming!) to the locker room (I wonder if you can buy your guys Beats by Dre?). You’ll also deal with those pesky concession stand prices and team merchandise prices, because who in their right mind could leave that out!?

Beyond all of those shenanigans you’ll have to run PR for your team, and play football occasionally. There’s also been changes to how players improve and regress during their NFL careers, as well as the return of the offline fantasy draft (no patch this time), and the much adored 32 team control.

After 25 installments in the much loved sports sim it seems it’s getting more and more difficult to add relevant content to Madden, and rightfully so. Hopefully more additions will surface that will peak the interest of past and current fans in this years quarter century anniversary of Madden. With it’s 25 years of ups and downs, one things for sure. Wii U owners won’t be experiencing any of the popcorn selling, swag slinging, football action this year as EA officially announced it will be skipping Nintendo’s next gen console. We’ll hit you with more information as it becomes available.

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Dylan Zellmer

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