iGR Insight – Isla Dorada iOS Review

Isla Dorada


Isla Dorada centers around the intrepid explorer Jessica Pandora. She’s been searching for a priceless artifact for the last ten years of her life, and she’s finally on the site that may yield the sought after item. The problem is, when she touches the fabled trinket she’s teleported to Isla Dorada. The only way home is to collect the fragmented pieces of the artifact. When she arrives on the distant island Jessica is surprised at the natives’ reaction to her presence, moreover she finds several clues that she may have been here before.

Isla Dorada has a uniquely appealing presentation with highly detailed areas to explore. You’ll visit countless locales like common areas, native dwellings, an abandoned palace and more. Each area is brought to life with rich colors, sharp visuals, and fantastic lighting. Subtle animations like birds flying in the background and natural light peeking into enclosed areas add to the fantastic visual aesthetic.

The story unfolds as you recover more pieces of the aforementioned item. As Jessica gathers more information and clues she’s ever the more certain that she’s visited Isla Dorada in the past. Part of the story consists of campy dialogue, but it at least drops in hints and clues that pertain to the overarching story.

Isla Dorada3

The touch controls implemented by Funforge Digital show a deep understanding of touch controls and are a vast improvement over some of the other iPad games I’ve reviewed in the past. The responsiveness when I seized a necessary item were stellar and the hint system was also there when I needed it.

The only down side I found to Isla Dorada was the simplistic puzzle design and a feature I didn’t necessarily care for. It seems if you tap the wrong part of the display, the game chastises you with a cracked screen. This is most likely to ensure players are measured in their poking and prodding, but I found it to be more of an annoyance than anything.

+ Great visuals all around
+ Much improved UI
+ Head and shoulders ahead in touch responsiveness

– The games puzzles weren’t challenging
– Unneeded screen cracking feature that felt arbitrary and annoying

Review Score: 7/10