Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To #9


Happy Wednesday everyone! Depending on how long you’ve been with us – you may, or may not know that it’s Kickstarter Spotlight time! We’ll offer up some exposure to any crowdfunding project that deserves it. From hulking $2 Million to modest $6k goals, if it’s here, it deserves your attention. That being said we have a good variety of genres and funding goals for your consideration this week. Some have been featured in the spotlight previously and some are new offerings.

O R I G I N Series – Ninjabot – Las Vegas, Nevada


The O R I G I N Series is dangerously close to meeting it’s third stretch goal. If this goal is met new character prints will unlock (Mutant Era). The X-Men remain one of the largest properties in comic books due to it’s diverse roster of characters. If we push Ninjabot over the ledge, Wolverine and Gambit will be made available for our displaying pleasure. Arnel and Estefania have graciously given time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions I had about their project, check out our interview if you want to know more about the pair behind the O R I G I N Series.


If you want to get in on some sweet super hero action, click the nicely designed banner ad at the top of our page!

O R I G I N  Series - Art Prints by Ninjabot -- Kicktraq Mini

Jagged Alliance: Flashback – Full Control – Copenhagen, Denmark

The experienced team at Full Control has landed one of the most recognized IP’s in the Turn Based Strategy community. The roguelike tactical affair by the name of Jagged Alliance has seen it’s ups and downs over the years, but the Danish studio plans to bring the popular series back to it’s roots. Full Control boasts a portfolio of TBS titles, including their latest Warhammer 40K adaptation – SpaceHulk. The team aims to fund their reset of the Jagged Alliance series with Kickstarter crowdfunding, and potential backers should know that the series is in good hands. My interview with Full Control CEO Thomas Lund more than secured my belief that he and his veteran studio would succeed in their efforts with Jagged Alliance: Flashback.


Make sure to check out their Kickstarter page for more information.

Jagged Alliance: Flashback -- Kicktraq Mini

Tinykeep – Phi Dinh – Newbury, UK

We’ve been tagging along with Tinykeep since it launched on Kickstarter. Phi Dinh is a random dungeon generating, sophisticated AI programming guru that has put all of his experience into his crowdfunding effort on Kickstarter. His clever inclusion of the AI and Dungeon Generation tools on his campaign page help backers test the most important aspects of Tinykeep. Providing proof of concept and allowing potential backers to “try for themselves” should have this project across the finish line prior to ending (if there’s any hope for mankind). If you want to learn more about the man behind Tinykeep, check out our recent chat.


If all is right in the world you’ll be heading over to Phi’s Kickstarter page to pledge your support!

TinyKeep -- Kicktraq Mini

Welcome to Boon Hill – Matthew Ritter – Orange, California

There isn’t much more that we can say about Matthew Ritter’s graveyard simulator. We’ve covered why we think it’s such an original concept and what makes the inferred stories of Welcome to Boon Hill so unique. We’ve also spoken to the project creator Matthew Ritter at length. What we really want you to realize with Welcome to Boon Hill is this – It’s a game concept that you’ve never experienced before. If that’s worth $5 to you, we implore you to pledge.


Check out Welcome to Boon Hill’s Kickstarter page while it lasts!

Welcome to Boon Hill -- Kicktraq Mini

Another week in the crowdfunding world is just beginning (our week at least) be sure to check out our highlighted projects. If you want an example of poorly handled crowdfunding efforts, take a look at our Shadow of the Eternals article that’s getting some attention. Check back with us next Wednesday for another spotlight, and make sure to frequent us for the constant features and coverage that help create awareness of the crowdfunding platform. See ya’ll on the flippidy flop!

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  • Candlewix

    It looks like Jagged Alliance had a pretty good day today. It’s nice being able to see how funding is going while looking at the new projects.

  • Rogu3lik3Mike

    The AI demo and dungeon generator are pretty awesome. Gotta get me some Tinykeep!

    • It’s easily one of the projects we’re most excited for.