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When I hear the phrase “Gamebook” or CYOA (choose your own adventure) it incites a strong nostalgic feeling within me. I recall long summer days engorging myself with the likes of Daredevil Park and Time Machine 5 until I ran out of options to choose. The gamebook genre is what first introduced me to the RPG. The navigation of an adventure on my own terms is what draws me to fantastic action RPG’s like Fallout, Mass Effect and Skyrim.

The team at Black Chicken Studios has been creating unique experiences since 2007. Their roots run deep in gaming and now they’ve taken up penning and illustrating Holdfast: A Gamebook of Dwarven Vengeance. The print and digital gamebook has taken to Kickstarter for crowdfunding support. Black Chicken cites Lone Wolf, Tolkien Quest and Fabled Lands as their inspiration for Holdfast. 50 illustrations and 600 sections will stuff Holdfast from cover to cover.

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In Holdfast you’ll take up your ancestral weapons, you’ll choose your path to reclaim your homeland through orc-legions, hidden grudges, and nameless horrors from the Deeps. You will delve, expand your fortress and confront a mighty army, if you have the mettle it takes to hold the realms of old.

The gamebook will release in print (soft and hard cover), Android, MAC and PC via Tin Man Games. Make sure to check out Black Chicken’s Kickstarter page and choose your own adventure!

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