Son of Nor Uses Emotiv EPOC To Make Telekenisis A Reality



StillAlive Studios’ Kickstarter campaign for Son of Nor is moving along quite well. Today the project will receive a strong jolt with the news that the Emotiv EPOC will be a supported device in the groundbreaking third person action game. the Emotiv uses a set of 14 sensors plus 2 references to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect the user’s thoughts, feelings and expressions in real time. The use of this technology will help players control portions of the Son of Nor gameplay with their minds!

The device will pair insanely well with Son of Nor’s many featured supernatural attacks including:

  • Telekinesis 
  • Terraforming
  • Elemental Magic


Studio head Julian Mautner had this to say,  “We have been tirelessly working on the game, funded largely by our own savings, for quite some time now and would love to see our Kickstarter succeed so that we can finish and bring it to market soon.” 

If your interested in learning more about the project and take a look at my interview with StillAlive’s Studio Lead Julian Mautner.



Son of Nor - The World is Your Weapon -- Kicktraq Mini

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