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Film Nerd News!

Welcome back to another edition of iGR‘s Film Nerd News! This week is pretty hectic for my other column, what with covering the Upfront Presentations and everything but there was some great film news last week that we need to get into, including more hijinks from Jane Got a Gun. I really don’t have anything to add so why don’t we just get to the news?

5/6 – Another Wacky Adventures in Hollywood #234: JANE GOT A GUN update

  • Last week I re-visited the issues plaguing the production of Jane Got a Gun, the film produced by and starring Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta) because Bradley Cooper (The Hangover trilogy) became the latest casualty of the film. Well, this week features some good news in the form of Ewan McGregor (Star Wars Episode III), as he’s taken over for Cooper in the film’s villain role. Like I alluded to, this recent casting change is just the latest in a string of unfortunate circumstances for the film but the fact that it’s been able to bounce back and add so much talent (even if that talent ends up leaving) is pretty impressive, especially considering that films that have this many issues during production rarely see the light of day. Let’s hope that’s not the case because it seems that no matter the issue, the cast for this film is going to be pretty stacked.

5/7 – Andrew Garfield to be quiet for Martin Scorcese; joins SILENCE

  • Martin Scorcese (Goodfellas) has been trying to get Silence made for what seems like forever and finally got the financing for a Summer 2014 start date. Casting Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man) is quite the coup for the veteran filmmaker as Garfield is a star on the rise thanks to The Amazing Spider-Man trilogy but he’s also a tremendous dramatic actor, something he proved in The Social Network. The film centers on two 17th-century Jesuit priests who travel to Japan.

5/7 – DOC SAVAGE adaptation a go with IRON MAN 3 director

  • Given that Iron Man 3 is making a boatload of cash at the moment, it should come as no surprise that director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has lined up his next project, an adaptation of the 30s pulp hero, Doc Savage. I’m a huge fan of Black’s so any news regarding new projects is good news to me but this seems like an interesting project for him. He co-wrote it so it should form to his voice (if Iron Man 3 did, everything else he does will too) but at first glance, it doesn’t seem like a very comedic character. Still, it’ll be interesting to see who they cast in the role and how big the film will ultimately but given the success of Iron Man 3, I doubt there are hesitations to give him a large budget.

5/7 – Nerd Alert: DUNGEONS & DRAGONS to be made into a movie again

  • You may or may not remember that there was a Dungeons & Dragons film released back in 2000. If you don’t remember it, that’s fine because one, you’re not alone and two, that’s probably a good thing. After all, this is a film that tried to pretend that Marlon Wayans (Scary Movie) was a movie star. It did have Jeremy Irons (Die Hard: With a Vengeance) in it but that doesn’t mean it was good. Anyways, the same producer of that terrible film is esentially rebooting it to try and capitalize on the fact that we’re all pretty much nerds now (not so much back then). The fact that it’s being produced by the same people doesn’t give me high hopes but who knows, they could surprise us.

5/10 – Mark Wahlberg Movie Month 2014: LONE SURVIVOR

  • I recently saw Broken City, a film starring Mark Wahlberg (The Fighter) and Russell Crowe (Gladiator). During the film (it wasn’t very good) I began to piece together a little narrative regarding Walhberg’s film career because I started to notice that you can count on half his films being released in January and thus the idea that January should be renamed Mark Walhberg Movie Month. If it wasn’t clear with the article titles, I’m fond of alliteration so I’m totally running with this and it should become the next big thing. Anyways, Universal seems to have noticed the trend too and doesn’t want to stray from the formula so news broke over the weekend that Walhberg’s next film, Lone Survivor, would open on January 10, 2014. Also starring Taylor Kitsch (John Carter), Emile Hirsch (Into the Wild), Eric Bana (Star Trek 2009) and Ben Foster (3:10 to Yuma), the film is based on the true story of an ill-fated Navy SEALs mission in Afghanistan. I’m a big fan of a lot of the cast so it’s a bit disheartening to hear about the January release date (typically the dead month of movie releases) but I still remain pretty optimistic.

That’s it for this week folks! Be on the lookout for a supersized Trailer Tuesday tomorrow (since I missed last week’s) but don’t forget to check out all of our coverage of the Upfronts. In the mean time, follow me on Twitter @kyle_igr and the site itself @igresponsibly!

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