Ubisoft Releases A Six Minute Watch Dogs Game Play Demo

WDOG020 Wallpaper1366x768



Most of us have been waiting to see a substantial amount of game play before making our minds up about Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs. It comes out in the same general release window as GTA V after all. I find a few aspects of what I see to be particularly interesting.

  • High security areas marked red on the mini map
  • Objective markers within the map marked by a hexagon shape
  • Nearly transparent white lines guide you to specific objectives and items of interest
  • Diamond shaped shop icons



All of these features are used in the Assassin’s Creed series. Throw in the fact that taking the “ctOS” allows you to gain all of the benefits in that particular area of the city, and we’ve got some striking similarities. Back in February it was revealed Watch Dogs will run on a “new” game engine, but really it’s a mashup of many engines that have been used at Ubi in the past. One of particular reference here is Assassin Creed 3’s Anvil Engine.

From what I’ve seen Watch Dogs is borrowing a bit too much from previous Ubisoft games to make it a contender for the open world title at the end of 2013, but there’s still plenty of time to prove me wrong. Are you sold? Am I completely out of line?


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