The Realm Bonus Features and Character Development Detailed Via Update


The Realm has been featured several times here on iGR during their Kickstarter campaign. The collective teams of AtomHawk Design and Lantern Interactive have completed their final updates to the project for the week, so we thought we’d wrap them up for you. Before and/or after the updates feel free to check out my interview with Tom Szirtes for a bit more insight into The Realm.

First up we have an interview with Charlie Bowater (The Realm’s concept artist) wherein she talks a bit about the development of the two main protagonists Sarina and Toru.


Next up we have another team member in front of the camera (Tom Szirtes) talking about the “bonus features” of The Realm. I’m not sure there’s a better way of describing non-essential.


The updates that the conglomerate studios are presenting aren’t showing what will get them over the top funding wise – game play. Until the folks at Lantern and Atomhawk have a substantial game play demo, or prototype to show off they’ll continue to trend towards falling short of their funding goal. It’s my hope they have something big planned for their last leg of the campaign. Szirtes and company have worked all over the industry assisting in the creation of many AAA games, and it’d be a shame for their first internal project to fall short of the goal line.

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