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Since 1994 Jagged Alliance has seen more installments to it’s long running series than I have fingers. Some iterations have released to fan and critical acclaim, and others have fallen on their own swords. As we approach the original games’ twenty year anniversary, a new studio takes up arms in an effort to wipe away the past, and “reset” the franchise.

Space Hulk developer Full Control wants a whack at the tactical turn based strategy Jagged Alliance is known for. Space Hulk is yet to release, but it does rely heavily on the TBS elements that will be the bread and butter of Jagged Alliance: Flashback. The Danish developer has a steep goal of $350,000 to make the “reset” a reality. Full Control is nearly half way to the finish line at this point with just under two weeks to go.


Full Control aims to add new features to the calculation that will hopefully help to reincarnate the franchise. The addition of a cover system, stealth mechanics, and environmental features will beef up the familiar game play formula. Another distinction of Flashback will be it’s base and squad management systems. Once a strategic area has been secured you may find yourself having to fend off the enemy to maintain control. The team also wants to invigorate the RPG elements that helped define the early installments of the franchise. It’s always an uphill battle to take a franchise and revitalize it, especially one that’s roughly the same age as Kate Upton.

It’s a distinct possibility that Full Control can breathe new life into Jagged Alliance with their plan of staying true to the core franchise fans, all the while adding much needed updates to the series. They’ll need help reaching the lofty goal they’ve set fourth, but think about this, for just a minute. If Penny Arcade is able to fund a new podcast on Kickstarter when they have no business doing so, why not help a small developer take a swing at the curve ball that is Jagged Alliance? Head over to their Kickstarter page to check them out, and fund if you take interest.

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