Feature – Welcome to Boon Hill ‘They Say This Graveyard Is Haunted, You Know’



Welcome to Boon Hill, is perhaps, the most interesting project I’ve ever laid eyes on. By extension it’s project creator Matthew Ritter is one of the most eclectic and disarming people I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking to (you’ll hear more about our conversation in the coming week). Welcome to Boon Hill is a mighty juxtaposition, especially for the gaming industry. Which is most likely why Matthew has turned to the great folks that support crowdfunding and Kicktarter (iGR’s readers definitely fall into that category).


The premise of this Graveyard Simulator can be described in fewer words than most menu items at a fast food restaurant. In Matthew’s own words Boon Hill is , “primarily about exploring a  graveyard and reading epitaphs.” it’s quite a grizzly description, but the underlying plot is what I find so damn intriguing. This isn’t a game that will hold your hand, nor will it attempt to maim your avatar. It’s a game that gives it’s players credit, credit enough to imply instead of shoving it’s plot down your face.


The history and suggested stories that unfold during your aloof tread through Boon Hill are  what makes it such an amazing concept. Over a thousand individual grave markers will help you decipher stories of life, love, sorrow, and joy. The simple pixel art, music, and sound will help immerse you in the experience, all the while leaving your mind open for infinite interpretations of what you’ve read on Boon Hill’s many epitaphs.  You may even run across unique NPC characters that help bridge the gaps that have been created by your own mind. I say, ‘may even run across’ because there’s no linearity to anything you’ll be doing. Wandering within the set parameters of the cemetery freely is what Boon Hill is all about, and the caretaker may be busying himself with a grave on the east side of the hill while your trouncing about the west.


Welcome to Boon Hill is a concept and a game unlike anything you’ve ever experienced (unless you built your own graveyard simulator, and enjoy it in privacy..in that case my question would be ‘why didn’t you put it on Kickstarter!?’) Speaking of Kickstarter, go check out Welcome to Boon Hill’s page, and contemplate on whether, or not you want to be a part of one of the most unique games that’s ever been made. The person behind Boon Hill is just as eclectic and unique. I look forward to sharing Matthew and I’s conversation in the coming week. I’m sure it will fill in some blanks.

Welcome to Boon Hill -- Kicktraq Mini

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