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Some of my earliest memories as a gamer are of the NES gaming console. When I think back to a time when 8-bits were all the rage something very small inside feels resentment towards the blockbusters of today’s gaming industry. Don’t get me wrong, I love our current gaming variety, but the simplicity that created the gamer I am today has been lost, to an extent.

That’s what initially drew me to Kingdom’s Fall. Well that and the fact that it’s a nearly finished game. Games like Zelda: A Link to the Past, Metroid, and others are cited as inspiration for Kingdom’s Fall. Looking for dungeons to raid, powerful items to wield, and enemies with differing AI sets? Kingdom’s Fall will offer all of this, and more. Another fact that’s easy to get excited about is the choice of platform. Project creator Dustin Hendricks has chosen objective-c to write his game, which will make it a rather smooth operator on the iOS platform. Many times mobile gaming is bogged down by lack of content and repetition, but you’ll find a deep action adventure experience on iOS with Kingdom’s Fall.


The heart of this action adventure experience will be it’s challenging game play, unique items, and charming story. Examples you say? Here’s a short list:

  • Battles will be won or lost depending on which four items you choose to equip for a given situation.
  • Weapons included range from standard medieval fare like swords, to fire wands, and defensive items like the protection cape that offer passive attack when activated.
  • Some more powerful items will include a cool down mechanic to thwart spamming, and ensuring the game retains it’s challenge.
  • Puzzle elements will have you using special abilities like warp to transport your character to different corridors and areas.


The story revolves around a kingdom being threatened by an unknown, unforeseen danger. As either the Prince/Princess (that’s right girls!) of your father’s kingdom you’ll have to protect the realm from the Necromancer King and his undead army. Defeating the Necromancer’s generals in succession will weaken him, and ultimately allow you to defeat him, securing the kingdom once again.

Project creator Dustin Hendricks is simply looking for some additional funding to pay a talented artist to create more detailed visuals. He’s also looking at some great music to accentuate the game play. What’s seen in the current screen shots of Kingdom’s Fall isn’t representative of the product that will be sold on the app store. Most of what you see is placeholder sprites that will be completely revamped with the money pledged by crowdfunding.


If your a fan of olde tyme gaming fan or want something a bit more substantial in your mobile portfolio Kingdom’s Fall is a great choice. Head over to the projects Kickstarter Page to learn more.

Kingdoms Fall - An Epic Adventure Game for Mobile/Tablet -- Kicktraq Mini


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