Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To #8


Is it Wednesday already!? It’s been a huge week for Kickstarter. We have great new projects for you to check out. Our list this week includes…art!? Relax, it’s about the origins of your favorite comic book characters, sheesh. We’ll also get your dungeon crawling juices flowing and show you how awesome reading epitaphs in a haunted graveyard can be. All on this weeks Kickstarter Spotlight. By the way, if you haven’t already, check out kicktraq information on trends on Kickstarter. I’m tired already, here we go:

O R I G I N Series – Ninjabot – Las Vegas, Nevada


Many and more of us are fans of comic book characters in one way, or another. Some of us collect, some read, and some only see these gods among men/women on a screen. Regardless, super heroes are pretty inherently ingrained in our psyche by now. The folks over at Ninjabot obsessed over their favorite characters. They looked at the events that made them into the figures we all know and love, and in stunning fashion Arnel and Estefania have captured the origins of our beloved heroes in a single, solitary moment. The O R I G I N Series has already obliterated their initial Kickstarter goal, but there’s plenty more characters to check out. In fact, they just revealed their X-Men prints in the past couple of days, and we wanted to show you, first hand, the fruits of the talented pairs’ labors.


Don’t forget to check out Ninjabot’s feature article and our exclusive interview with the dynamic duo! If you are interested in grabbing some prints from Ninjabot via their Kickstarter project just use the banner ad at the very tippidy top of our page to check them out!

O R I G I N  Series - Art Prints by Ninjabot -- Kicktraq Mini

Welcome to Boon Hill – Matthew Ritter – Orange, Ca


Matthew Ritter is literally one of the most eclectic and charming people I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to. His idea for Welcome to Boon Hill is just about as morbid as you can imagine, and he fully embraces it. In Welcome to Boon Hill you’ll find yourself aimlessly wandering a less than deserted graveyard, reading gravestones. When you think about it, that’s one of the more imaginative and unique things you’ve ever heard of in your life. The simple aesthetic paired with an equally simple concept leaves room for the mind to wander, and that’s exactly what Matthew wants. Your time at Boon Hill will be reserved for thinking about who’s underneath these headstones, what they meant to others, and encountering the many colorful NPCs that inhabit the graveyard. The story will unfold entirely on it’s own and within your own imagination.


Matthew has already surpassed his initial goal, but there’s plenty more that can be done with Boon Hill. Including ports to other platforms, improved graphics, new areas, and a possible profit? If you are depressing enough to head over to Matthews Kickstarter for Boon Hill he promises to make you cookies, chocolate chip cookies, made out of internet.

Welcome to Boon Hill -- Kicktraq Mini

Tinykeep – Phi Dinh – Newbury, UK


Phi Dinh has shared many of his inspirations for creating Tinykeep in his Kickstarter pitch. One of which is my all time favorite table top board game HeroQuest. Tinykeep is a randomly generated 3D dungeon crawler. As previously stated in our initial coverage of this ambitious project, the approachable story and aesthetics are only the beginning. Tinykeep’s strength will come from it’s powerful dungeon creation, advanced AI, and unique enemies.


If you’re a fan of the genre, or of awesome stuff in general, we recommend heading over to Phi’s Kickstarter page. He can’t randomly generate funding, or he wouldn’t be here.

TinyKeep -- Kicktraq Mini

Kingdom’s Fall – Dustin Hendricks – San Francisco, Ca

Dustin Hendrick’s founded Last Life Games when he began conceptualizing Kingdom’s Fall. His inspiration for the project stems from classic 2D action adventure games like Zelda and Metroid. Kingdom’s Fall will offer you an open world full of enemies, items, puzzles, and foreboding boss battles. There’s no specific character leveling structure, instead it’s replaced by 20 unique items that offer you new powers and unlock previously forbidden areas. You’ll have to carefully choose which inventory items you want equipped to succeed in the challenging situations that are presented to you in Kingdom’s Fall. Dustin focused heavily on AI in Kingdom’s Fall. Some enemies will patrol areas, others will wander, and a select few will have the ability to teleport. Your all that stands between your fathers kingdom and a horde of the undead lead by the Necromancer King, so tread wisely in this unique action adventure game. Kingdoms is essentially finished, Dustin just wants it to have a more appealing aesthetic, and that’s what he’s seeking funding for. Fans of NES, SNES, and SEGA Genesis will feel right at home here.


Head over to the Kingdom’s Fall Kickstarter to help get Dustin started on his goal.

Kingdoms Fall - An Epic Adventure Game for Mobile/Tablet -- Kicktraq Mini

Whew! Another week in the bag. Support crowdfunding! We’re pleased to present you with our finds on a weekly basis, and are always elated to see our highlighted projects succeed. Again, you (our amazing readers) make our news outlet possible and we hope you extend that kindness to projects that you are personally interested in becoming a part of. Don’t forget to check out our latest interview with StillAlive Studios – they took a much needed rest from their insane schedule, only to be pelted with my many question stones. See you next week folks!

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