iGR Insight – Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill iOS Review



In Special Enquiry Detail: Engaged to Kill you take of the badges of detectives Turino and Lamonte. Your assignment is to catch “The Engagement Killer“, a man who’s preying on would be brides. His latest victim was an up and coming fashion model named Marcy Whitmore. Her brother, Tim, asks the detectives to take over her case and pursue her killer.

The first notable detail about SED: Engaged to Kill is it’s presentation. The opening sequence unfolds like panels in a comic book. The visuals are enhanced by extremely rich coloring and professional lighting techniques. Subtle animations like leaves blowing, ants crawling, rats running in a sewer, and steam escaping pipes were a mobile sight to behold.

SED: Engaged to Kill is a hidden object game, and being hard nosed detectives finding the right area to find a clue was simple enough, but objects are sometimes located with ease, and others require a keen eye to retrieve. A list of items that will help in your investigation is readily available and aids you in leaving no stone un-turned. The difficulty of finding some items doesn’t necessarily detract from the experience, it actually adds to the “working a case” feel.

Puzzles are once again strewn about, but this time they are a bit more contextual than in some past iOS hidden object games. The games first puzzle was easily the most memorable. It involved disarming a bomb, after all. A tangled mess of wires and blinking lights are presented, and clipping the wrong wire has a less than desire effect (as you may imagine). Another great puzzle included a top down view of a junk yard. In this case you had to herd a person of interest right into your partners waiting cuffs. Your suspect tires of the chase and bends down, hands on knees, breathing heavily and subsequently surrenders.  The detail in which this specific sequence was orchestrated deserves marks all it’s own.

There are many locations to gather clues, solve puzzles, and, well, chase people in SED: Engaged to Kill. Locales include Liberty Island, Central Park, Brooklyn, and a lone cabin in the outskirts of New York. Each area is fully detailed and is excellently presented with the aforementioned colors and lighting.

As has been the case (sorry, had to) in the past, my only complaints are on the technical end. SED triumphs where many have failed in the past, but some actions still resulted in frustration. For example, even though your handy list of clues is in hand, at times you’ll still be tapping the display in vain trying to find what you need. At times items that I genuinely found, and tapped (collected) weren’t counted. Therefore, I had to resort to using hints when I didn’t really need the help. The other issue was the accuracy of selecting an item from your inventory. This action, at times, required several taps, and even resulted in inadvertently leaving the current game screen.

SED: Engaged to Kill broke the chain of what I thought a hidden item game could be. The use of a detective story was the key to it’s success. The art direction and presentation is deserving of high marks as well. Without technical difficulties marring my experience it would have been hard to take anything negative away from my experience.

+ Wonderful visuals accentuated by great lighting and colors
+ Fun and non repetitive puzzles
+ Great use of theme and story

– Technical issues aplenty, touch screen accuracy needs to be addressed in a future patch

Review Score: 7/10