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Kickstarter is quickly becoming a powerful component in today’s gaming industry. With the likes of inXile (Brian Fargo), City State Entertainment (Mark Jacobs), and Obsidian turning to CrowdFunding it’s hard to miss some of the more modest projects afoot….especially tiny ones.

The story of Tinykeep is catchy, simple, and inspired. You’ve been imprisoned for longer than you can remember, and one day you wake up a free man with one objective – escape the Tinykeep! It’s inspirations are even more nostalgic. I’m a geek, a large one at that. So when the board game HeroQuest is cited as inspiration, I pay attention. I remember long nights sitting with friends, playing as both hero (mostly barbarian) and the evil wizard Zargon. The fun of HeroQuest was in it’s unique dungeon generation. Items like bookcases, alchemy workshops, traps, thrones, and doorways were used to create rooms either upon a heroes entrance, or as an objective to reach. Tinykeep will take queues from that kind of creative level design when randomly generating dungeons for players.


Tinykeep is a fantastic concept full of potential and it’s Kickstarter launched just days ago. Phi Dinh has been painstakingly working during his free time on evenings and weekends to provide a prototype. Now he needs to broaden the horizons of the project to fully realize his vision. It’s a project that has “proof of concept” behind it’s 3-D randomly generated – Action RPG elements. A large part of the efforts from here on out are going to be dedicated to enemy AI, For those of you that don’t want a walk in the park (ughgh..Dark Souls). A variety of enemies are already in the works with more planned based on stretch goal funding. The visuals are, again, simple yet detailed and the plan of creating a living, breathing dungeon full of baddies has us excited.


Keep an eye out for more coverage of Tinykeep, and in the mean time check out the Kickstarter-campaign for more information.

TinyKeep -- Kicktraq Mini



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