Kickstarter Update – The Realm Game Design Details



We’ve been covering Lantern Interactive and Atomhawk Design’s The Realm since their Kickstarter project was launched via our Kickstarter Spotlight. Our exclusive interview with Tom Szirtes followed, which provided in-depth insight into The Realm. Now we’re happy to bring you the first real demo of how The Realm will work. This footage is narrated by Tom and Rob Ashtiani and shows:

  • Navigation
  • Asymmetrical Dual Character puzzle solving
  • Narrative and story structure
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Puzzle Example


The Realm is breaking convention in the point and click adventure genre with it’s streamlined UI, cooperative puzzles, and interesting results if a puzzle is failed. The Realm’s story will unfold as you experience it with a cinematic cut scene at the end of each act, four in all.


So far Szirtes, Ashtiani, and company are a quarter of the way home. If you haven’t yet taken a look, or are on the fence about backing The Realm, rest assured that the experienced leaders and their talented cohorts will create the story driven, puzzle solving, point and click adventure you’ve been waiting for. Head over to The Realm’s Kickstarter for more information.

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