The Wii U Continues To Get The Shaft – Madden 25 Skipping Nintendo

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The Wii U is in a bad way. It’s no secret the “next gen” console is under performing. Nintendo continues to get Sh!+ on by developers, and who knows? Maybe there’s good reason for it, but I don’t know of any inherent reason. As of late many developers have publicly neglected Wii U. At Nintendo’s 2012 E3 presser strong third party support was promised as a means of ensuring longevity for the newly announced console. However, it seems third parties are turning the cold shoulder on the Wii U, a few examples:

  • Aliens: Colonial Marines (probably a good thing for SEGA and Gearbox to try and let that one die)
  • Deep Silver (as a whole) meaning the recent release of Dead Island Riptide, Metro: Last Light, and any future releases won’t be coming
  • Madden 25 (EA was one of the reported “strong supporters”) during the presser
  • Battlefield 4 (again EA)
  • The Evil Within (rumor)
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts may also be skipping, at least in light of the recent pre-order listings.

Moving forward Nintendo has also taken an alternative approach to their E3 2013 presentation. Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata made this statement in reference to E3 2013,

During the E3 period, we will utilize our direct communication tools, such as Nintendo Direct, to deliver information to our Japanese audience … and we will take the same approach outside Japan for the overseas fans as well,”

Nintendo will also have closed event for American and “Western” gaming media. The bulk of the coverage seems like it will be streamed via Nintendo Direct. The success of the direct platform isn’t in question, but it’s more a means of speaking to the established audience, rather than promoting to possible consumers. One thing is for sure. Things will need to change for the Wii U prior to PS4 and Xbox Infinity, 8, Durango, Kalypso, 720 launching, or the Japanese giant will have a considerable gap to bridge.

What do you think Nintendo has to focus on to right the ship?

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