Kickstarter Projects You Should Pay Attention To #7


iGR is back with a new Kickstarter Spotlight full of projects for your consideration. We’ve had a fantastic track record with our picks in the past, and we hope that they’ll continue to succeed in the future! Today we officially say goodbye to Battle Worlds: Kronos. KING Art Games managed to hit the sweet spot with stretch goal #2 being achieved (meaning BWK will be going mobile!) congrats to them! Divinity: Original Sin also hit it outta the park, knocking off four stretch goals. So, congrats to Larian Studios as well! This week we continue coverage on two projects, and we introduce three new campaigns to the fray. Here we go!

Camelot Unchained – City State Entertainment – Fairfax, Virginia


Mark Jacobs and CSE are out to fund their follow up to Dark Age of Camelot. It’s an MMORPG with a heavy focus on RvR combat. For a ton of insight into Camelot Unchained, check out our exclusive interview with Mark Jacobs. Rest assured City State has the talent and expertise to pull off this amazingly ambitious project.


City State has just crossed the finish line on their initial funding goal, so congrats to those fine folks as well! There’s a few hours left, and plenty of stretch goals to meet, so make sure to check them out on Kickstarter!

The Realm – Atomhawk Design/Lantern Interactive – Newcastle, UK


Tom Szirtes and Lantern Interactive are joining forces with Ron Ashtiani and Atomhawk Design to produce their first internally developed game. The Realm looks to be a touching journey of a brave young girl, joined by a hulking, yet gentle force of nature. Sarina and Toru will have to work together in this beautiful point and click adventure to retrieve a medicinal item for Sarina’s ailing mother. Be sure to check out our fantastic interview with Tom Szirtes for more information on The Realm.


Atomhawk and Lantern are striving to create a new benchmark in the adventure genre, and they need your help. Check out their amazing concept on Kickstarter.

A Small Favor – ClickShake Games – Powell, OH

ClickShake Games consists of two highly talented developers by the names of Steve and Jay. They’re primary work has been developing many browser based games that appear in online gaming portals. They recently developed a retail release called, The Ballads of Reemus. After success of their first major outing, ClickShake wants to take another big step with A Small Favor.Both A Small Favor and Reemus are spawned by the duos prior efforts. A Small Favor puts you in the debt ridden boots of a nameless assassin. To repay the liability you’ll have to collect debts (otherwise known as favors). However, one day an opportunity arises that may help you wipe your bill clean for “A Small Favor”. If you succeed you’ll be granted freedom from your life as a glorified thug. The point and click adventure will comprise of puzzles, exploration, and the occasional assassination.


Visit ClickShake’s Kickstarter-campaign to help them wipe out the debt! Look out for additional coverage of A Small Favor in the coming week!

Son of Nor – Stillalive Studios – Innsbruck, Austria
Son of Nor is an amazing physics based third person actions game. The Sarahul Empire seeks to vanquish the flame of human existence. As a Son of Nor (one blessed by Nor, the Night Goddess) you are tasked with the protection of The Edge, the last human civilization. Using both telekinesis and a type of terraforming that allows control of the sands of Noshrac as your weapons, you’ll wage war against the Empire. Stillalive has a great amount of screen shots and video showing the game in action (should inspire confidence). If all works out, Son of Nor may be one of the best examples of “force powers” in gaming.


Help Stillalive fund their innovative dream project on Kickstarter, and watch out for additional coverage upcoming!

That’ll do for another installment of our Kickstarter Spotlight! Support crowd funding! It’s one of the best things to happen to the gaming industry in quite some time. Educate and empower yourself as a consumer, and give your money to deserving projects, instead of annual installments. See you on the flippidy flop!

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