Poker Night 2 PC Review



Now I normally tend to stay away from gambling because I’m really bad at it, and don’t really know how to play cards, but when I watched the trailer for Telltale Games Poker Night 2 I thought I would give it a shot because it had me laughing, and the actual game was exactly the same way, so I really “lucked” out.

In Poker Night 2 Telltale Games throws together a motley crew of television, and video game characters and pits them against you in a tournament of high stakes poker located in basement of The Inventory, a secret club, owned by Captain Reginald Van Winslow from Tales of Monkey Island.

For me the characters are what really made the game because otherwise it would just be like any other poker video game. Brock Samson, Sam, Ash Williams, and Claptrap constantly threw around funny table banter. Mad Moxxi acts as the bartender, from which you can buy drinks, and GLaDOS as your dealer, insulting your playing skills, fun times are sure to ensue.

There are also a number of in-game unlockables and even Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2 items are available after completing bounties. You are able to unlock different skins for poker chips, cards, and table felt graphics based off of each characters worlds. If you choose to select three of the same skins, the look of The Inventory changes and even some gameplay. Each character has a special item that they put in as ante that you have a chance at winning. For example Claptrap puts in his VGA award he won in 2012, Sam has his banjo, Brock has The Orb, Ash has the Necronomicon ex mortis and GLaDOS has this eye core thing.

I have had only one glitch while playing this game where when I tried to skip to the next hand after folding. The game didn’t progress and everyone just sat there until I had to exit the game. After checking the forums I found others have been having problems too like not getting the items they won, or the achievements they should have unlocked.

If the few minor flaws are fixed then I think Poker Night 2 will great. It had me laughing the whole time I was playing which distracted me from how bad I was playing. For those who are actually good at poker and like Telltale Games, or simply the characters that inhabit the game, I’d definitely check it out.

+ Funny characters and table banter

+ Borderlands 2 and Team Fortress 2 unlockables

– Problems receiving Items and Achievements

Game Review: 7/10