God Mode PC Review

God Mode


I’ve been a big fan of the Shin Megami Tensei, and Persona series for a while now, so whenever Atlus releases a game I’m usually on top of it. When Atlus announced God Mode I was really excited to see them break out of their normal JRPG niche. I was a little hesitant at first because God Mode was a bit out of their forte, but for a reasonable price I thought I would give it a shot, and it turned out to be a worth while investment.

In God Mode you play as a descendant of an ancient god whose bloodline has been banished from Mount Olympus by Hades and therefore, transformed into mere mortals. The only way to gain back your god status and return to Mount Olympus is to fight tooth and nail against waves of hellish monsters from Greek myths. Enemies include minotaurs, harpies, and cyclopes.

Although you might be fighting ancient monsters, you aren’t limited to ancient weapons. Quite the contrary. You have variety of guns and abilities at your disposal just waiting to be unlocked and upgraded. Weapons range from automatic assault rifles to shotguns and even a buzz saw. Each weapon has three upgrades available with two tiers and an Olympian upgrade after you unlock the former upgrades. Abilities also have upgrades but only two tiers are available.

Each level is fashioned loosely around Greek mythology. Levels have a number of stages and each stage has a test of faith you must pass in order to progress through the level. A test of faith is a random effect thrown in that can either help, or hurt you. Some make your enemies stronger and larger while some give you unlimited ammo or even grant you god mode randomly.

There are three difficulty levels in God Mode bronze, silver, and gold. If you find that to be too easy you can turn on various oaths to increase the difficultly. There are seven oaths you can undertake, each one with different negative and/or positive effects. Some negative effects can include less effective ammo, reduced health, and weakened armor. In exchange you’ll receive more experience and gold percentage at the end of the map.

Now despite all positive things I like about this game its not without its faults.

Character customization, for me, was a little lacking. You are able to customize your head, torso, legs, and even some eye wear but the first five choices are simply re-skinned and tweaked in later iterations.


Now I’ve only played God Mode for the PC, so the next two critiques may only apply for PC gamers.

The in game voice chat system needs some tweaking. In game voice chat is on by default. You are able to mute people, but only before the match starts, so lets say someone is causing trouble by being a complete idiot you can’t mute them mid game. It also doesn’t have the greatest quality. I also like using Skype to communicate with my friends while playing games, so I found it rather annoying having to constantly mute them in game after every match since the game doesn’t keep them muted.

I also had some issues with connectivity when playing with three to four players. Especially on the map Fortress. I also suffered severe lag wherein everything I killed didn’t register, or when I would die I wouldn’t re-spawn causing me to back out of a game. Which results in losing the match bonus I would have gained had I stayed.

With some simple patches to address the technical issue, and more content later on down the road, God Mode could really shine. Other than a few bugs, God Mode is definitely a buy in my book.

Note: As of April 26th there has been a patch fixing most of what I have talked about disliking and some things that I haven’t even noticed, so it’s nice to know that Atlus listens to the fans and forums when there are problems.

+ Fast paced third person shooter mechanics

+ Good level design

– Connectivity issues

– In game voice chat issues

Review Score: 9/10



Desynchronization: Network optimizations were made to stop the desync issue during games which also led to non-progressions.

FPS Cap: The FPS cap can now be removed via the game.cfg file. Add the option “LockFps = 0” under the Video section. Note that removing the FPS cap may cause issues depending on system configuration and network quality.

Disable voice chat option: You can now disable all incoming sounds via the options while still having the ability to chat via Push to talk.

Push to talk voice chat: To enable chat while in-game, parties or a menu press the ` (tilde) button (can be reconfigured).

Minigun ammo clip upgrade: Fixed the issue where users were not seeing the clip properly upgraded.

Graceful error handling: Better message boxes and debug text appear when issues occur to give developers better visibility.

Crash at Voting Screen: A fix was made to the crash that occurred while voting for a map.

Crash when connection to Steam is lost: Launching the game when Steam is offline will launch into LAN mode instead of crashing.

Alt+Tab Crash: Fix to the crash when users Alt+Tab out of the game.

Overall game stability: Optimizations were made increase game stability.

God Mode Executable compatibility: Steam DRM has been altered from Standard to Compatibility. This change will help users experiencing crashes while booting the game.

Memory Allocation Fix: Optimizations were made to game memory allocation.