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KING Art Games has been lovingly toiling away at The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief during their wildly successful Kickstarter-campaign and exclusive interview with yours truly. Nodric Games will bring The Raven and it’s 20 hours of episodic mystery to the PC, Mac, Linux, PS3, and the Xbox 360.

KING Art isn’t new to the point and click adventure genre. In fact, The Book of Unwritten Tales was developed by KING Art and published by Nordic. The Raven will focus on a fast paced hunt for the famous art thief dubbed, “The Raven”. Following The Raven’s signature black feather calling card, you’ll experience every step of the adventure through expert camera angles and dozens of plot plumping cut scenes. Fantastic voice acting and real time HD graphics will help immerse you in the dual sided experience.


A priceless sapphire called “Eye of the Sphinx” is on a journey from Switzerland to Egypt. The caveat here is that you’ll experience both sides of the coin. Play as both the astute detective, and the master criminal. The Raven blends a suspenseful “whodunit” experience with an exciting heist story. As the detective you’ll have the task of protecting the sapphire on it’s long journey, and as the master thief you’ll, presumably, be out to lift the rare sapphire without alerting the law.


Adventure game veterans will find that traditional point and click adventure concepts are joined by optional puzzles and leaderboards. Players less familiar with the genre will make use of The Raven’s notebook and help features to nudge them in the right direction.


So far The Raven looks to be checking all the necessary adventure game boxes. All the while adding an interesting “double agent” type aspect for players to experience. In the end you MAY have to make the ultimate choice – Are you the detective that sees a case through to the end? Or, are you the career criminal that can’t help but slip into the crowd with a legendary gem?

The release date for The Raven is TBA, so look for an update, and additional coverage along the way.

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  • Realkman666

    Do I understand that you play both sides in the same playthrough?

    • That’s something KING Art and Nordic are playing pretty close to the chest, but it’s a possibility that both roles will be played throughout the same play through. The description of the game tends to more than hint at that possibility.

      • Realkman666

        Must be insanely hard to pull off. I’m liking the daring attitude!